The Heirs episode 16 || Eun Sang cries beautifully.


The Heirs episode 16


The Heirs E12.


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"Who is your inspiration?"

There are many kinds of inspiration a person can have; either it’s their family, a thing or even a special someone. But in reality, nobody would care who or what is your inspiration because they are just after the fruit of your inspiration. There are people who find it difficult without someone’s guidance that’s why they hold on to this “inspiration” and they label their boyfriend, an “inspiration” but it just caused them to fall deeper into the hole of failure. They tend to get drowned with this relationship because it is happy, and get overruled by the struggles with this relationship, like as if they never knew it was coming. There are also people who see this “inspiration” as a goal; that’s why they would even set the picture of their “inspiration” as their desktop background just to remind them every day of a reason why to wake up again and struggle against all odds.

And as for me, I once met my inspiration, he was good at everything he does. He was good in Math, so good that he discreetly tutored me in Math through Internet. It was stressful to draw figures on Microsoft Word and upload it as a Twitter Pic, but what is fun is that, I had been choosing questions that I already understood so that I wouldn’t look dumb for him. And he even teased me when he already knew what I was doing. It was a happy memory that it sounded surreal on my own tongue. It was so surreal that I chose to dream the whole time and survive being paralyzed. Too bad, my mother’s prayer was too powerful to wake me up from this dream. I thought it would be difficult to recover from the pain of the needles… But my heart, beat again to its regular rhythm. And I finally lived again as I erase all those traces from the past, daily. 

It is crucial finding a “who” as an inspiration because they are like dependent variables on a Laboratory Experiment, or the graphs of the stock market. They are human beings with emotions and hormones that abruptly change from 0 to 100 and back to 100 and to 50, with no particular reason. And it is just so problematic if you’ll choose this as an inspiration. 

But of course, if you cannot do anything about it anymore. Then go on, and let that person be your inspiration, but just keep in mind, “Babies fall as they learn how to walk.” in other words, it is okay for you to fall at first, just make sure that you’ll finally have the courage to stand up and walk to your goal afterwards.


The Heirs episode 13-14 preview. Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang. Hope we would get to see funny, cute and lighter moments again.